Goodbye Old Tree

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Goodbye Old Tree



Liner Notes: 

One of our old trees didn't make it through Hurricane Irma - the avocado tree was uprooted and fortunately did minimal damage to the house. Our slash pine lost a big branch but weathered yet another storm. We're more attached to the pine to the avocado - this song is more about how we'd feel if we lost the pine. But we were sad about the avocado, and we'll miss its bounty.


You were strong, you were tall
Others tumbled, you wouldn’t fall
Handsome sentinel you stood guard
Beautiful, weathered and scarred

Goodbye old tree

Each morning the sun rose behind you
In the evening the moon would find you
Summer, autumn, winter, and spring
Many a bird rested its wings

Goodbye old tree

You were here first, long ago
Oh what you’ve seen, oh what you know
You would bend but you wouldn’t break
One last storm was all you could take

Goodbye old tree
Oh the comfort you gave to me
Goodbye old tree

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Can completely identify with this one. Irma is our first hurricane with trees downed too, including one my mother-in-law gave us around the time our grandson was born. Our downed tree was also a perch tree for many birds visiting the feeder. I'm hoping I can cut it back and that it will survive. Time will tell.

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To both Andy and Chip - I can always buy an avocado at the grocery store, but they are fresh out of Chips and Andys. Glad you two survived.
I like the tenderness played on this, Chip. The long musical interludes in between the verses gives you time to reflect on what happened vs what could have happened.

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Happy you guys survived. I love this its a very great take on Irma and very sentimental view of the destruction.

Down south where I used to live... some of these old trees got cut into boards if had a decent trunk. I wonder how Avocado would resonate... Smile I know it's just not practicle. Up here in yankee-land, it hard to watch all the old oak, black walnut that gets tossed into a chipper. It's only worth a $100 a board foot if you can sell it I guess Smile

Anyway, -- the song... "tree" makes a GREAT iconic word... and not necessarily a funeral song (so to speak) ... old trees move on to great, e.g. desks, containers, buildings ... that last generations to no seen end.

-- It's a great song, as demo'd... walks a good line of cognition, contemplation. I think the guitar articulation and spoken word modulation is very important, affective, or, would not be so.

-- Glad to "hear" all is well down there for you otherwise. I know the gut wrenching feelings that come and go no matter how well one takes things. Well, I speak for me :), ...

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Sad days. Sad
Walked through some old growth forest in Oregon yesterday. Lots of death and dying, but also a lot of new life springing from it.
A beautiful tribute. Love it.

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This is absolutely beautiful! The lyrics are spot on.

It's so hard to say good-bye to a majestic old tree. We've just had to do that ourselves, which inspired this:

So glad you and your family made it safely through Irma!

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Very dramatic situation. Wonderful song to listen to but not a nice situation to be in. So glad you and your family made it safely through Irma.

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Wow--- I can tell I just picked up your 50/90 in the wake of that hurricane. The experience seems to have placed a note of sadness in your music that is really a beautiful thing. You are so patient with this song, it has space and is touching in its directness and simplicity... and honesty. Here I am, on the other side of the country, resonating with your memory of this tree... well I guess the hypothetical loss of the pine, but the point is the song comes through very clearly. Nice work!