X-ray of my head

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X-ray of my head




Liner Notes: 

So this chorus and the rhythm came to me as I walked the dog in the rain this afternoon. Came home and threw together these lyrics. It's a very fast write, but it brings me a little closer to fifty songs!



You've got an x-ray of my head.
You've got an x-ray of my head.
There ain't no doubt about it:
You've got an x-ray of my head.

1. You've scanned my brain with an MRI,
Put electrodes on my temples,
Tried to see life through my eyes
But it just ain't pure and simple.
You can't read my thoughts
You can't control my fears
I cannot be bought
Even if you tried for years


2. You might as well scan my breast.
You might detect a cancer.
But you just won't get inside my head
To find if love's the answer.
Study my journal
Read my fingerprints
But you won't learn all
About what makes me tick.


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Very creative way of telling the message of hidden feelings. Grat writing

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love that chorus. and the slowing down and stretching out of the words in the second half of the verses is very effective.

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Catchy! I love the you and me you don't really know me theme Smile

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Agree - very catchy and great way to convey that there is a private part of your thoughts/feelings that you will guard closely - no matter how hard others try to understand or no matter what they expect - and that you have control. Nice way to get that point across.

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Great point and for a quick write-amazing. Love that chorus!