Elk Ridge Hornpipe

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Elk Ridge Hornpipe



Liner Notes: 

I wrote this one while the kids were playing at Elk Ridge Park, up the street... finally got around to recording. mandolins, violins, guitars, soprano recorder, and some percussion... imagine yourself at the public house. Smile

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Dang, this sounds like it should be playing in the scene of the Texas town in Outlaw Josey Wales. Authentic sounding for sure. That penny whistle substitute (okay, recorder) is a nice touch used very well. I'm missing the low water bridge string quartet from back home now.

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Fantastic - hard to believe you did everything yourself! Sounds like an acoustic Fairport Convention, one of my favorite bands.

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Love this!! Instrumentation sounds fantastic. This tune would be so much fun to play in a session!

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I can certainly imagine myself at the pub! You're really swinging here, and I'm digging every instrument and amazed at your multi-instrumental prowess. Wow!