Great comeback

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Great comeback

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This is one of those 'we're-all-the-underdog-sometimes' pop songs, or an attempt at one. realized after the fact that this also fit the week 11 challenge (a tragic-comic song)

very quick recording, on a 12-string guitar, recorded live on the iPhone, just to get the basic idea down

Not sure how I feel about it- i had an earlier unfinished version a few days ago, called 'dancing on the ceiling'- this one is alot better, i think, but not sure if it's 'there' yet... but i'm very curious how this hits people...


The fates said we’d be dancing on the ceiling
But nothing could be further from the truth
Look up there’s dripping water and occasional holes
And a view of rainclouds up above the roof

They say wanting’s is better than having
And some things one can never really own
Sometimes you can be so sure of a feeling
Till reality sinks that dream like a stone

And so its one step forward and two steps back
Another chance at making that great comeback

The future’s always muddy in a rainstorm
rear view mirrors see things larger than they were
I thought that dream was something that would happen
It turns out all I saw was just a blur

(c) M. Skliar 2017

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Well that is sometimes true. I prefer to think that if that big thing doesn't happen, it means something better is waiting for me. Hopeless opitmist. Smile I like that 12 string. The lick at the end is especially tasteful. Dancing On The Ceiling just makes me think of Lionel Richie, which is not a bad thing at all in my book. Fun song. Nicely done.

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I already listened yesterday but seems I didn't comment. I really like the chord progression. It has some hit qualities. The song feels really rounded off and nothing's missing, at least not for me.
Enjoyed the sound of the 12string.

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You get an amazing sound quality here for a phone recording. That twelve-string sounds great and using your voice in a slightly higher timbre than usual works well. I like it!

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Catchy song and the chorus is fun (in a cynical way)! It could easily be included on one of your albums.