Written in Grandpa's Hand

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Written in Grandpa's Hand

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Liner Notes: 

This is one I've written and rewritten a few times. I would so love to have music for it, if someone would like to. Based on a true story.


Written in Grandpa’s Hand
© 2017 Cindy Prince

My sister sent me some old photos
Of Dad after he was gone
Some of them were undated
Some were written on

One of him and my son Noah
He had written on the back
In my Dad’s handwriting
A sweet note writting in black

“I love him so much it hurts me”
Those words got my tears to flow
I wiped them away quickly
Didn’t want no blurring to show
These words are still so priceless
Even now that my son is a man
All his love in one short sentence
Written in Grandpa’s hand

Now emails and chats across the world
Vanish into thin air
I wonder who’ll have notes like those
Later to keep and share

As for me and my family
These words will live on and on
“I love him so much it hurts me”
Long after Grandpa is gone

Repeat chorus

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That's such a lovely story and sentiment. And timely too as photos these days seem to be out in the cloud somewhere, rather than in albums! I like how this honors the importance of handwritten notes. Nothing can compare! Nice job, Cindy!