All good things

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All good things



Liner Notes: 


Posted a song called 'My heart cries for you', but it wasn't to my liking; Tammy was right.. (this song doesn't need a robotic voice). The start of the song is still there (verse) but I replaced the previous chorus and added a bridge. I like this better and I'm pretty proud/happy now. Thanks Tammy!



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This is so poignant and the music is outstanding Ferry. Beautiful and spiritual. Nice!

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You always have some great melodic bass going on behind the psychedelic guitars, and this is no different. Love the sound of the "weeping guitar" behind the computer lady's voice and your own vocals. Sounds like an electric mandolin! Even though this is very short, it builds to a nice dreamy climax at the end. Nice!

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I really liked the "my heart cries for you" part, the robotic lady sounds like a recorded message over a speaker, insincere and cold to me. I really like the mando type sound, I really like the melody and the vocals had me going back and forth between believing and not believing.

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Great sound on this. The layers you use are always quite amazing. Music just washes over you in the best way. Computer generated voice sounds very sci-fi to me. I like that.