Seven ages of man

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Seven ages of man



Liner Notes: 

earlier tonight I saw a production of 'as you like it' by william shakespeare- there's a great soliloquy which starts 'all the world's a stage' and goes on to describe the seven ages of man... here's a somewhat loose retelling of it in quick rhyming lines.

used the so-called 'david crosby' open tuning here-- E B D G A D and played on a baby taylor travel guitar...


The seven ages of man, a mewling infant first
Second schoolboy dreams about to burst
Third a lover wooing with a song
Fourth a soldier fighting for right against wrong
Fifth a lawyer making his case collecting his fee
Sixth the elder statesman pruning the family tree
Seventh and last, the old man, downcast,
knowing he will not last, fading into the past

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You can't go wrong borrowing from the Bard. You create some great atmosphere in this little number, which is both memorable and touching...a great momento mori

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This even felt like "life", Mike. I could hear the guitar building and building, but in a flash the song was over. Love that elder statesman pruning the family tree line! Being a genealogist, I can definitely relate.

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I think you were inspired a little by the alternate tuning--very Crosby-esque. It's nice to have a Shakespeare reference about lawyers that isn't suggesting that first we kill them all. (Retired lawyer here!) Nice job!

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A short but meaning-packed rewrite of the Bard. Elder statesman pruning line is great!