Dear Heloise

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Dear Heloise




Liner Notes: 

This is for the 3pm EST skirmish. I walked in late, but threw this together in about 30 minutes.



Dear Heloise,

Oh, won't you please help me fix this problem? My energy seemed endlessly enough till I hit rock bottom.

1. Oh, Heloise, my poor laundry into baskets is stacked neatly till kids come home, for then they roam and dump it on floors, so sweetly!

2. I know how to clean well now from reading all your columns. I'm not a slave; they just won't behave. Can I trade them in for new ones? ;)

3. They are kind and smart. It breaks my heart to complain anonymously. I know I should lead, but how do I plead?

Signed, an exhausted mommy

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I love it! Smile I have been there so many times with 4 kids. Great idea and cute song!

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Love the structure of the lyric sheet and the song does have the ring of truth about it...!!!! Great skirmish work.

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What was the column? - Helpful Hints from Heloise? Something like that! Smile

Very cute!

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I used to read dear helpise religiously- and I love your take on a dear heloise letter - I can totally relate coming home from work tonight walking by the laundry room I left neat this morning and finding piles of fiery laundry everywhere - yes I am glad the 3 teen boys do their own laundry but it is such chaos when they do! Love the somewhat plaintive and resigned tone in this letter and as always your music is superb for the delivery.

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Funny! Love the concept and delivery and the rhymes. Oh and your voice, as always.