Cloud of Crows

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Cloud of Crows



Liner Notes: 

I wrote most of the words a couple of weeks ago when I was at a yoga retreat. I wasn't quite sure what to do with them, and then Hurricane Irma came along.
The friend who is staying with us because of house damage has a ukulele, and I've been teaching myself. And the words - which were originally about some unknown conflict to come - seemed to fit what we just went through.


Mama watches her tea kettle
Kids hide under the bed
Against a sky of heavy metal
Cloud of crows flies overhead

And so it goes – cloud of crows

Daddy’s out back digging ditches
Ain’t no place to go but down
Cloud of crows over the bridges
Leading in and out of town

And so it goes – cloud of crows

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You're definitely getting those uke skills down! Nice simple sweet job on this.

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Nicely done. The lyrics create a sense of impending doom, and the ukulele gives it a sort of timeless folk song feel.

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Your lyrics read like a scary Tom Waits-style blues number, but in reality you have created a gentle, meditative ukulele tune.
Great ukulele playing; you play better than I do, and I've been playing for like eight years, so well done there.
Great work!

I listened the other day, and figured I'd come back... what's the hurry, right...

-- anyway, -- as we all do with each other we come to know and expect a style and etc., and for that, again A+, again Smile

So, liking the song, therefore wanting to comment I had to think about how I, (abstract imagery), react to crows (a cloud of crows).

Well, I can't rewrite it, that's not helpful or even correct Smile But then, knowing it's a first draft..., since, for some, most kinds of "black birds" are a signal, maybe it's a signal for the next two verses? Smile It's a time to stop, move on, pay attention, change direction, "hit gold" in 'dem ditches!

And, with just reading the Lyric, I "hear" the spoken word vocal modulation, melody in my head, in the other direction up on sustain and inflection, less staccato mixed with smooth guitar chords with the Uke as it is.

So, derUgo!

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This is dark, Chip- much more so than I'm used to hearing from you- but it is very good. Somehow it feels a bit like a work song--- like I can hear the chain-gang breaking rocks-- I think it might be due to the tempo and the breathing rhythm. Really enjoyed my listen, thank you!

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I like the arrangement and the lyric is a good one, especially considering all you've gone through. The way you sing that title line is especially compelling.