Float Your Own Noodle

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Float Your Own Noodle



Liner Notes: 

We took in a friend during Hurricane Irma, and she had a ukulele. So I taught myself some uke basics.
We adopted the saying which became this song's title - it got us through a tough time.
(At least one more uke song to follow this one.)


Sometimes you gotta brave stormy weather
Sometimes you gotta stick together
When it’s over clear your own path
When it’s over take your own bath

Float your own noodle the worst is history
Float your own noodle right next to me
Float your own noodle I’ll float mine
Float your own noodle we’ll be fine

I got problems - Hell, we all got ‘em
I ain’t gonna sink to the bottom
When your own noodle is afloat
Only then you can be a lifeboat

Float your own noodle the worst is out to sea …

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Tolerable ukelele, my friend. Very nice vocal--love the title.

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Good the see that you have added the ukulele to your impressive list of instruments that you play. It sounds good to me, especially the rhythm - you even put in a solo in the middle. Topical, philosophical, wise and sympathetic lyrics. Its an uplifting song with a nice collection of weather and water images.

Very well done... figured they'd be coming... great!

-- Yes, it's good to have real friends during a very real threat. I remember during "Sandy", we were shocked and grateful when someone, next town over offered us a "real" shower (not woodstove heated water 2 qts at a time... and a meal cooked on a, again, real stove Smile ) ... we were greatful for what we had!, but, the kindness such a shock too. Good for you!

Aw.. this is cute from title to ending. It makes me really picture a noodle floating competition...where did that come from? Is it an actual expression? Smile Great way to take something positive from the storm experience. Hope encapsulated in song.

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I love the jaunty rhythm here. Sounds like a it should be a big sing-along chorus. This makes me happy Smile