Umbrella Weather

Umbrella Weather

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1. A hurricane has hit our home;
Problems pour down on us:
Hospital bills, job is gone,
A leaky roof, broken windows

Our road is filled with cats and dogs.

It's umbrella weather but we have no umbrella.
Time to pull up our bootstraps but we lack boots.
Time to live off savings for a rainy day,
But the rain has left no roots.
It's umbrella weather and we are soaked.

2. Shivering in our wet clothes,
No money to buy more,
It's hard to see a future
When the past has robbed our store.

Caught between rocks and rock bottom.


3. The proverb says where doors are closed
A window is left open.
God won't give us more than
We can bear--here's hoping!

Our open window is boarded up.


Drip, drip, drop, drop......(fade)

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This is timely! I have friends that cannot go back home yet in Texas. I love your voice on this! Great song.

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Wow! Powerful and sad. And too true for too many. I was really wanting to see the light steaming through that open window... really well done and lovely emotion that gives me pause as I feel so lucky right now.

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I still love, love, love your voice. Nice job on this! Sweet little song.

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Great bit of storytelling. I can picture that street full of cats and dogs. The chorus really pops out. Cool rhythm, too

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My favorite line of this is "It's umbrella weather and we are soaked".

Surprisingly happy tune in the contrast with the darker lyrics of not having anything saved up to deal with a disaster. Great chorus.