Cassini goes home

Cassini goes home

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Liner Notes: 

This was written very quickly and recorded, with alot of mistakes, even quicker, but hopefully gives the bones of the idea I was trying to convey.

Thought about using the 12-string guitar, capoed up high, to give a kind of ringing sound that seemed to suit the lyric.

Cassini is, of course, the spacecraft which after a 19 year mission will be diving into Saturn's atmosphere tomorrow.!


Cassini, look out for that planet, you’re getting way too close
Under the rings, scraping the tops of the clouds
And as you fall ever deeper in the gravity of Saturn
If you notice any patterns, please radio home

Cassini, you’ve been dodging those rings for years and years
Exploring the moons, finding volcanos, methane and water
Did some space creature see you pass by in their ring-filled sky?
Wondering why and where and how you came to roam?

Cassini, your signal is faint and soon will be completely gone
As you touch the atmosphere of our second-largest planet
Whose rings I saw thru telescope some cold December night
What a sight, what a world, what a home

(c) M. Skliar 2017

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mike, hearing this song, i realize who it is you remind me of. Tom Rapp, of pearls before swine. of course you are very different from each other, but both of you are so unique that in my mind you share a similar space in my musical mind. anyway, this is an example of a topical song writtien in the heat of its topicality, something we lost as a culture year ago but is still diligently practiced by the dedicated few.

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Love the shift in the chords between the first and second half of each section. The third line of each has a melody that reminds me of Leonard Cohen, but the rest of the song doesn't at all, which is quite interesting! Love the space-inspired lyric, very well-written.

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What a great song -- mistakes or not, this is a great take on the whole Cassini event. Glad you made this song!

Nicely, done even on the haste. I love good 12 string guitar, and you paired it well with your vocals. That closing verse is wonderful!