When red states get the blues

When red states get the blues

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Liner Notes: 

Quick song, after hearing about the Republican senators, etc from places like Texas who were opposed to any hurricane relief when hurricane sandy hit here in nyc, but now that a hurricane hit texas, its another story....plus, all the global warming denier stuff. Kind of wrote itself, I guess.


When red states get the blues because of hurricanes and disasters
They want the government to act bigger and faster
Never mind the deficit we need money now they holler
But when hurricane sandy hit here it was sorry we don’t have the dollars

They don’t like our blue state beliefs in science and evidence
We prove global warming’s a factor they say to us that makes no sense
They say now is a bad time to discuss why we just got hit
With monstrous hurricanes and all that other s -t

They say just let us replace our home on the beaches and coastlines
Their heads go back in the sand as they ignore the changing times
They want our federal money but taxation is like the devil
Until the soul of hypocrisy is living at or below sea level

(c) M. Skliar 2017

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They only care about themselves and yeah, this wrote itself. So true and a great song!