I'll Never Find Another You

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I'll Never Find Another You



Liner Notes: 

Once you find your soulmate, you'll realise that there's no-one else like them and that's why you love them


I’ll Never Find Another You
© 13/9/2017 C. Stewart

When times are hard
I look at you and what do I see?
That I’ll never find another you
You hold me close
And from now on it’s etched in time
That’s what I find when I’m with you

I want to tell you all the dreams I have
I want to say the words that show you I am true
I love you

The simple things in life
Are free this much I know
That’s what I find when I’m with you
When you hold my hand
All my fears melt away like snow
You give me strength when I’m with you



I’ve wandered far
And I’ve wandered wide but now I’m here
I’m right at home when I’m with you
From the moment we met
I started the first day of my life
I’ve been reborn now I’m with you


Oh, I love you

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Great love song. I like the composition of this.