When the Phone Rings

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When the Phone Rings



when the phone rings


Liner Notes: 

As part of my concept album this song is to be sequenced between "Voting is a Heatwave" and "Zigzag Spambots".
The lyrics were written by oneslowtyper, while I played electric guitar and sang on the recording. The guitar is tuned in Open G tuning and on the guitar amp I am using a "twang" sound with chorus and reverb effects. The song is inspired by the music of Syd Barrett post-Pink Floyd (particularly the free rhythm in "Dark Globe"), and also includes a couple of atonal guitar crescendos inspired by the Beatles' "A Day in the Life".


I hear ringing...
and my heart is singing
'cause I'm sure that
it's my baby
on the line
So I answer,
but there's no romance there
Not my baby, just a stranger selling lies
Wanting money
for some hopeless cause.
Tried to sell me things
to fix my many flaws
So I asked them
when I heard a pause,
"Why'd my baby...
leave me hangin...
on the line?"
She was happy...
liking me for me
but then something changed
and she had set me free
Now I'm out there
on a lonely shore
cause my baby's
not my baby
any more
Tried to call her...
tried to make things right
Thought she'd take my call
this time, I thought she might
But no answer
leaves this lonely dancer
alone tonight
There's no answer
just this
lone romancer
in the night

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Hi Edward, I left a PM for you with a possibility for lyrics. You can just disregard if you already have something in mind.

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That is cool, Edward! I never would have seen these lyrics framed this way, but this thing just oozes Pink Floyd, one of my favorite bands!
...and thanks for resurrecting an old, forgotten set of lyrics that may have sat around for another 7 years, if you didn't grab them for this song.
Thanks again,