Wandering Wave

Wandering Wave

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Liner Notes: 

Line in a student poem by Aaliya Thahseen: "Sea foam resonates pain". I want to take that idea and spin it happier.
I've been taking some Theory for Producers classes at Soundfly.com
I write random stuff in the liner notes area sometimes - hoping that I'll get 3 or more memorable ideas that suddenly click together in a new and interesting way. [To me at least]
I was sitting at the piano trying to do a Lydian progression. It sounded like Styx "Keep On Loving You" Bleh.
I opened my iPad to "Being Human" by @Chandra83. Depression and abuse. "Being human Shouldn't be this hard".
I wonder if I have a theme I keep returning to? Over and over. Like a wave. Smashing itself on a rock.


Ocean-faring swell
Climbing the reef
Throws itself on the rocks
In shock and relief

Roaring and foaming
It crawls to the shore
Sighs with a whisper
To wander no more

And I stand in the sand
Watch the dance of the spray
A man with wet feet
I'm a wandering wave
I walk back to the street
I'm a wandering wave

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It has a natural rythm,melodie and flow. Great take on this. And yes its happy.

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I love this lyric! Short but so sweet!! The idea of the wave crashing and ending is very cool! Really enjoyed the liner notes too. And the ending is great,

A man with wet feet
I'm a wandering wave

Wow! Really awesome write!!