Mean Streak

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Mean Streak



Liner Notes: 

This song is a #morph . Details are on the forum page:

The chain looks like this---

@AndyGetch - *20947
@airbagtester - *21934
@helen - *22557
@plainwhitetoast - *22712

I can't wait to go back and listen through! I followed Tom's, 'No Doing, No Try' --- a gritty rocker recorded by his live three piece @the Catalytic Perverters who are awesome.

I kept the key and the meter, the chord changes, and the main riff--- but I slowed it down a touch and added a swing subdivision. I kept almost all the lyrics but I traded the title out for my only lyrical contribution, 'mean streak', and added a few addition rhymes to the end...

Oh, and his ending was my beginning, I reversed the aging process.

And flute, largely due to @crisp1 's comment that Tom's vocals were a bit reminiscent of Ian Anderson.

You're up next, @AndyGetch !!


No more jokes
One last smoke
Aged fifty one,
Feeling dull, feeling done

Grown hard-hearted
Death spiral started
Aged forty five
On a nose dive

Startled living
On the edge of a rug
Aged forty
Got it sorted, sort of

It’s all in the mind
In the middle of a mean streak
Just try to try
Just get by

Couldn't wait, jumped the gate
A self-fulfilling fate
Aged thirty seven
Divorced, of course

Where to run
What's to be done
Aged thirty, married
Uncertain, still hurting

Try to justify
And justify and justify
Twenty five, still alive
But barely surviving

Need to get out
But got to stay
Eighteen years old
More in control

Never know when
The glass will break
Aged fifteen, skinny kid,
Hate behind the eyes

Pick up a stick,
But afraid to hit back,
Aged ten, small and weak,
Picked on, afraid to speak
Pushed around and picking up
A mean streak

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Whew, flute, and shifting, this will be a tricky one, lyrically and musically rewinding and unwinding time. But hey, thats what morphs are all about. Wonderful track!

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Very cool morph! Love the direction you took this. Cool flute!

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Counting the years backward is brilliant. I listened without reading along, wondering how it would unfold or refold. It's a great smoldering groove you got and a super chorus. A memorable tune for sure

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maybe it's the jazzy flute, but this is another 5090 entry which reminds me of a smoky 'beatnik' club. that's actually very cool, to my way of thinking at least. fascinating how you go backwards through the protaganist's life with the lyrics.

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Came across this on the jukebox - cool. I don't understand the morph, so can't comment on that. I like how the song proceeds backwards in time with the lessons learned.