Backwards Acoustic Corpse Minus One

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Backwards Acoustic Corpse Minus One




Liner Notes: 

You may ask "Why in the world does this song have corpse in the title and what does that have to do with songwriting". In art, poetry, and songwriting, a corpse, sometimes called an exquisite corpse, A series of songwriters only hear (and/or get lyrics for) a small portion of the song that the preceeding writer did. Our own @plainwhitetoast provides this explanation for the exquisite corpse traditionally done in FAWM and in 5090:

This corpse does that but in a backwards fashion as discussed in this forum thread

It was an honor to be the 'stitcher' in this experiment Smile Thanks to @ampersandman @izaak @metalfoot @JamKar @kahlo2013 for playing along and providing such wonderful segments!



Not a soul
remembers me here
Not a human soul, that is

Not a soul
knows my name
just the soul of the desert out there

And frankly, it don't seem to care


coyote howls
owls take flight
this old town is a ghost town at night
waiting waiting
waiting the summer out
gliding from shadow to shadow
without a sound
In this desert town
waiting for the rain

The rain fell softly on the ground outside
My heart fell softly from what I had to hide
Then I realized what a fool I had been
Then I smiled at myself and laughed once again
I found you
I found you
I held you close to me





no no no no no no no we won't
no no no no no no no we won't
we won't
let go
of dreams
we know
no no no no we won't

no no no no no no no we don't
no no no no no no no we don't
we don't
want greed
and hate
to win
no no no we don't

no no no no no no no we won't
no no no no no no no we won't
we won't
stop now
and that's
our vow
no no no no we won't

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Wow! I love how this evolved backwards. The segment I did first (which is at the end) was just a simple refrain and as songwriters added parts in reverse order the song evolved into some wonderfully rich and haunting stories and sounds! Love the evolution! Thanks all! 'teas fun! Expert stitching!!!!! Andy- great idea and great job!!! Thank you!

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fabulous guitar arrangment and melody. also love the zombie church back up vocals.

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Gosh, I would have liked to have heard you guys go around again! This concept played out well, especially with Andy's expert stitching.

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I really like this approach to the E.C. --- we've got to try it again next FAWM! Such fascinating evolution from one part to the next. Thanks for playing everyone!!

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I hope I will improve my guitar and vocal skills before next time - you all are awesome!

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When I'm feeling less rushed, I'm going to have to research all of this and see what this whole "corpse stitching" is about. I understand that it was a collaboration. Great standalone version of whatever that you've done here. Great music. Great vocal!

Ok this is also my first time stumbling onto an... ahem.. 'corpse'. This is wicked creative though and something I think I might like to try next year. You guys rock!!