Three Chords and the Truth REV 9-14

Three Chords and the Truth REV 9-14

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Liner Notes: 

A guy at work told me he had "Write one song" on his lifetime bucket list. I offered to help him. I wrote him a reminder note. He doesn't seem interested, so I'm not going to waste my time. Though it IS helping *ME* to try to summarize years of writing experience in a single page.
My initial feelings are curiosity and annoyance. Mental image is an infected wound, held together with staples. I don't want to be that guy.
Today feels like a punk song. The soaring anthems of the Alarm, more than the spit and snarl of the Sex Pistols. Maybe a mix.

9-14-17 I'm starting to revise my songs. Improve them. With this song, verse 1 was too much influenced by my annoyance with James [who showed up the next day] and the picture of the infected wound/ being overly sensitive, Minor change in chorus [scabby, dirty] switched so it sings easier. V2 feels awkward.

I don't crave your approval / I can take or leave if you don't want to be my friend
I'm not an infected wound / Waiting for you to push the pus out with your hand / Ain't gonna be that man

I reject your compromise / i don't need or want to be shoe-horned into your suit
Bound up by your pretty lies / Waiting to shut my mouth up with a mute / A tube of super-glue

It's my take on the trope of simple heart-felt raw emotion v more polished stuff [that may take more talent]. Emperor's new clothes.


You're so proud of your Photoshopped world
Your smiling mask that hides the fangs beneath
Shiny white plastic-covered graveyard heart
Autotuned voice over quantized beats

I've got an old guitar [with rusty strings]
And a dented mic to sing thru

Three chords and the truth,
In it's dirty, scabby glory
Screaming at the darkness
Sneering at the night
Turning the spotlight
On the wasted youth
Three chords and the truth
Three chords and the truth

I'm the flaw in your fantasy life
I won't hide my scars behind a three piece suit
I'm the jester pointing out your compromise
[So] you try to seal my mouth with your Superglue

I've got an old guitar
And a dented mic to sing thru
And you can't do anything about it


I've got an old guitar
And a dented mic to sing thru
And you can't do anything about it
Nothing, nothing, nothing about it


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This should have been a Slipknot song. I can totally hear Corey growling these vocals and the arrangement of other members of the 'Knot drowning it in heavy mayhem. That's a compliment by the way. You wrote a song Slipknot should have written! Great lyrics, very dark and disturbing. Well done!