Getting Old But I Don't Feel Old

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Getting Old But I Don't Feel Old



Liner Notes: 

Back aches like the one I've had for a few days are a reminder that I'm 51, but in lot of other ways I still feel young and overall pretty good.


I may be getting old but I don't feel old
Hope it's awhile before I'm stone cold
I got a good strong heart of gold
I may be …

Each morning when I roll out of bed
Make noises just like old Uncle Fred
My back might ache a bit but I'm doing fine
Feel like a kid with a 50 year old spine

I may be getting old but I don't feel old
Hope it's awhile before I'm in God's heavenly fold
Got a lot of long nostalgic stories yet to be told
I may be …

I'm in better shape now than when I was 26
Got smarter ways now to get my kicks
I still like beer but I also like yoga and meditation
And a balance between useful work and relaxation

I may be getting old but I don't feel old
I got a lovely wife who doesn't need to scold
In the twilight each other's hands we hold
I may be …

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Great work. Love the harmonica and the percussive guitar on this. The thing that makes me realize I'm getting old is that more and more of my friends are dying. My grandma had a chain of widows who would call each other up every morning, just to check in and make sure they were still alive and kicking. Starting to see the value of that after losing a dear friend yesterday. She went to bed Tuesday night and didn't wake in the morning.

I may be getting old, but I'm still learning things. Keeps me young to do brain re-wiring.

Keep up that yoga. I need to hear more of your songs!

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How nice to hear the lighter side of aging. We all need a little help adjusting, and a positive spirit and a few well-chosen changes go a long way. Your skillful and relaxed delivery and breezy comic sense leaves me feeling relaxed and cheered up, chilled out. And you always manage to make multiple rhymes sound so naturally occurring. (special hooray for the Uncle Fred line!)

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What a great song! I can totally relate (tho i was in better shape at 26 then now) and I think I wrote a similar song at about 51.. then again, that was five or six years ago for me, so who remembers! Smile Great subject, great handling of it (love that old time vaudville/blues ending) and great song!

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This resonates with me. From aunts and uncles when I was a kid who were then probably my kids age now, to remembering being at a Fort Myers Sun Sox game and Elias Sosa came in as a relief pitcher. Someone asked how old he was, someone said "50" and I said "50, thats ancient!". I was 29 at the time. Now I'm 57 with a very different perspective.

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I love this and I totally relate! Biggrin I'm almost 62, and I don't feel old, either - well, except for those times when I hurt myself just walking across the room (what the %#! is that about, anyway??).

Really delightful music & vocals - love the harmonica!

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What a great topic to write about and the music is a perfect complement to the lyrics. I reckon this will bring comfort and inspiration to people who are wondering about their own ageing.

Yeah, what colgoo said... I remember a time when I thought, wow, no one "I" know is dead. No one has died. Now, I can have a picnic lunch in a private graveyard surround by my friends, and only bring one meal Wink

However, and "furthermore" --now when I "feel" content, I really feel content. Lifes mystery is a bit less of a mystery anymore Smile

-- Affective, lyrics... good job.

Hey if you got any tips on harmonica, --let me know... I got a set of Hohner 20's ... and thought, maybe do some embellishments... same plan I had with Native American Flute Smile LOL... love'em but, limited. Diatonic reeds are likely the same, but fit my music better, maybe? Thoughts on coming up to speed and other... let me know, if you get a chance.

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Yeah, I'm with you there - old on the outside, young on the inside.
And yeah, I'm in better (mental) shape now than I was when I was 26.
Your tunes are very welcoming and approachable, if you know what I mean.
Your inner peace and sense of contentment really shine through, as well, if that makes sense.
Nicely done!