Now I can feel your heart beat

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Now I can feel your heart beat

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Liner Notes: 

This initially was a bridge to another song I was working on, but I decided it to be the essence of a whole new song. Arpeggiator made its debut in this song.

I found out this song was influenced by BRMC's 'Rifles'

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trippy pop, reminiscent of spiritualized. you can take an idea like this in so many directions, and the more the better. love the break between the lyrix.

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I agree this should be another song! I just love it in so many ways. Awesome Ferry!

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Really beautiful ... drenched in psychedelic melody. Backing vocals give it a nice ethereal touch - like the Beach Boys meets 90s alternative! Guitar break in the middle is lovely. Very enjoyable! Feels like the sun beating on my face.

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Like the arrangement here. Nice guitar tones and love the droning background vocals. Had to be a lot of overdubs there! Nice job!

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Terrific swirling, spiritual, uplifting feel, drawing the listener into its groove and circles and structure until we lose ourselves in a feeling of connectedness and bliss. Very nice!

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The tag "Enya-Like" brought me here! Because I dig the crap out of Enya, so anything Enya like immediately has my attention!

It's very dreamy, very swirly type of UK super-pop! No that's not something I just made up lol Google it Biggrin specifically the band "The Life & Death" Biggrin check out their song this heart has been broken.

You have some seriously amazing talent going on here....for real. It's not something I expected. I love dreamy music and it really stands out to me. Your song really stands out to me as something really great. I can't say enough good things about this song did a wonderful job with it.

fresh spotless youth's picture nailed it. I'm just gonna lie down in that feather bed of sound you've created. Too bad my headphones are so crappy. Love it!

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Really pretty. Love the guitar solo. I can see why you had to expand this from just being a bridge!

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reminds me of the psychedelic era, but with its own vibe. it's like a throwback, but very refreshingly original at the same time. those guitar riffs are stunning in their tonality. the marshall really shines through.

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This feels almost like an ELO song to me. I really like this, makes me feel like I'm listening to some really fab vinyl. Great production!

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Terrific wall of sound going on! I will have to listen to this on my headphones at home.

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The first thirty seconds really build up. I like how it steps back about a minute in and you can hear the heartbeat - then starts to build back up with the different parts and reverb. I think it stands well on it's own as a song - there is so much atmosphere, and the vocals and guitar sound amazing.

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I hear 60's psychedelia in this, though I take your word for the BRMC connection. Great sounds, I like the bridge where the heartbeat is more prominent, that's very effective. Cool tune.

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I like the dreamy quality to it and at about a minute in the lovely guitar solo. It all kind of wraps itself around and works really well together with all the musical elements, including that last "ooh" at the very end. Very enjoyable!

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Wonderful swirly psychedelia.
You have tagged this as a Favourite, and rightly so.
Really great mix in the headphones.
So great!!