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Liner Notes: 

Was thinking about the horrible decision to scrap the DACA (so called 'dreamers') act, which was something started under Obama that let young adults not be subject to immediate deportation who were brought here (thru no fault of their own) as young children by their parents and who are now, as teenagers or young adults, working, or in school, many times in the armed forces and/or otherwise helping their communities and the only country they've known since they were maybe two or three years old ... anyway i digress, this is short and sweet and to the point.

thinking that this will be a track on the album i'm working on - i have the rest of it done and this might be the last track added (not sure of the running order tho)


Everyone's ancestors came from away
they had to dream big in order to stay
we need those dreamers who dream of the stars
its those dreams that make us what we all are

(c) M. Skliar 2017

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This would be a nice, tender, thoughtful way to close your album Mike! I could see you maybe adding these few lines as the song fades:
America can still be... all that you dream
So dream a little dream for me...

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Beautiful, melodic guitar and a message that's all too relevant these days. Sweet but too short, I wanted more! Smile

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beautiful coda to what should be a wonderful album. wishing you the best of luck on the project.

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The album will be my commute music tomorrow, but this was a very bittersweet little piece. I wouldn't be surprised if there were Dreamers participating in 50/90, or FAWM. This is a wonderful tribute to them.

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Really beautiful. Love, love, love your guitar on this!