Box of Old Clothes

Box of Old Clothes

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Liner Notes: 

Heard guy using metaphor about a suitcase with old clothes that no longer fit, but you keep them because you have an emotional attachment to them.


I have a box of old clothes stuck in a dark closet,
Hidden under a pile of books and journals

Small clothes from before I was married
Faded board shorts with a 28 inch waist
A shirt I designed for a band that broke up
Heavy metal rats with crazed expressions

Dress pants from the years I did parkour
My butt got so big I had to buy 34s
Shirts that my wife thought too ugly
And wouldn't let me wear any more

Every tie has a story
Shirts stained with memories
Of friends I used to have
Of who I used to be
I wonder what other baggage
Is jammed in dark corners
Stuff I hold onto
That I no longer need

Woodland print camo I got as a thank you
For helping a friend restore her trashed apartment
Heavy wool socks and thermal underwear
All rolled up tight in the white cardboard carton


I have a box of old clothes stuck in a dark closet,
Hidden under a pile of books and journals
A box of old clothes like a scrapbook of photos
Just a box of old clothes
A box of old clothes

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What a great idea--and vividly executed. Old clothes really are like a scrapbook. My wife has been reading the Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, or whatever it's called, and she's been threatening to make me go through the closet to see what "sparks joy." Do you mind if I rummage through the lyric and grab a phrase or two?

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I like this lyric - great idea. I think everyone can relate to the experience of going through old clothes, and the memories sometimes arise. Very descriptive, which I like.

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I see your 28 to 34 and raise you my 30 to 38! LOL But currently I'm down to a size 36.
This is soooo relate able on so many levels.

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Clothes on old photos: not the clothes were embarassing but knowing that the younger self thought they looked cool...