Mad Honey

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Mad Honey



Liner Notes: 

I read an article in National Geographic about a guy in Nepal who risks his life to climb up a cliff in search of hives of hallucinogenic honey. Now, that's song-worthy.
Recorded live at our local outdoor market. Mostly me and an electric guitar borrowed from @AndyGetch, and there's a fellow playing harmonica in the background.


High up on a mountain reigns a queen bee in her hive
Many men have tried to meet her not all make it back alive
Might be hallucination, might be eternal hope
Proceed without protection on a ladder made of rope

Call her Mad Honey oh the heights that we will climb
Each taste of what she offers gives a vision so sublime
But she's a wicked mistress to desperate men and women too
For just one taste of Mad Honey oh what we wouldn't do

A job passed down for generations takes more good luck than skill
All your life spent in a village of huts upon a hill
Up so high don't dare look down into a crevice sharp and deep
As her angry soldiers swarm you
To protect all they can keep

Call her Mad Honey she makes you take on any dare
And you need a secret signal to find her in the market square
Not just for breakfast but anytime you need the cure
Mad Honey gives you vision of a world oh so pure

Call her Mad Honey oh the heights that we will climb
Each taste of what she offers promises to transcend time
Oh she's a wicked mistress she compels to you admit
For just one taste of Mad Honey you’re in too deep to quit

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What a great story behind this and such a super job! As good as it gets!

Wow, a short strange trip that may be Smile

I found the illegal kind growing in my back yard in Spring time ... --not sure how they come and go (they like grassy areas I hear?), --and one does need to be "sure", so that it's not a one-way trip.

-- Anyway ... yet, another gud'un!

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Well, I enjoyed "Claudia's drunk bed" so much I thought I'd come back and see what else was going on in this market. This is very entertaining too. I love how Mad Honey is a she, and it's written as if she could be a woman that could drive someone mad! Beautifully done, and sounds really good too.

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Very much enjoyed this. You've done a nice job with the story/lyrics, and I really like the vocal!

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Making my guitar and little amp sound good Brother Bird! Some of us are still looking for that secret signal Smile