So Beautiful, Yet So Sad

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So Beautiful, Yet So Sad

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Liner Notes: 

Colleen: when I listened to this instrumental piano piece by Nadia Cripps, I knew I wanted to set lyrics to it. Having collaborated with her before, I knew she'd do an amazing job on mixing my vocal track with her music. She did not disappoint. I dedicate this song to my two beautiful, brown daughters. After the incident in Charlottesville, VA, I was quite worried for my 12 year old daughter's safety. She strongly voiced to me that she has stood up to bullies before and she was not going to let haters block her from living her life. Her courage gave me the courage to write these lyrics.

One of my favorite moments this year was standing close to the stage with this daughter at the Boston Women's March in January. No, we won't back down. We will stand our ground and make magic happen!!!

Nadia: thank you so much Colleen for your beautiful and moving lyrics and vocals. It is amazing to hear how my instrumental music transformed into a beautiful song thanks to you.


Oh, daughter of mine. Oh, joy of my heart.
You're perfectly fine as you are.
Don't listen to lies that dismiss your face,
Your brown skin, your eyes, your grace.

You weren't born to blend into backgrounds built by men.
You're outstanding. Rise up! Stand again!
The cruelties of life seem to cut us like a knife.
Life's so beautiful, yet so sad.

My wonderful girl, the weight of the world
Is descending on you far too fast!
Keep your head held up high. You're meant to fly.
Work hard. Try and try to move past.


Life is difficult. I will do my best to stand up to the hate that puts you to the test.


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How totally beautiful and I feel you on those incredible lyrics! This gave me goosebumps. A perfect match and a wonderful song! Bravo!

Heartfelt and passionate lyrics set to earnest music. Colleen has worked her lyrics into Nadia's melody well. Something of the musical theatre about it that would work on stage. A good collab match indeed!

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Chills! This is incredibly moving in all aspects - gorgeous piano, the slow vibrato delivery, the lyrics. I'm sorry your daughter has to face these things so young but she sounds like a strong young woman.

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what a gorgeous welding of music and lyrics, voice and piano.. this piece would have fit right into the les miserables score.... and would be a showstopper.

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Really, really, really nice job, ladies! Great job on everything--lyrics, piano, vocal. Wow!

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The music has a powerful nobility, and the lyrics and vocal performance matches it fully. Both piano and vocals are quite beautiful, but filled with steely determination as well, giving life to the pride and love stated in the lyrics. Terrific!

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The piano is so dark and lovely and impressionistic. Vocals lovely (as usual!) and lyrics inspiring ... I really like "The cruelties of life seem to cut us like a knife." As a parent, I can identify with the protective sentiment!

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This combines beauty (strength) with sadness, making this song more powerful then I'd expect beforehand. Very nice lines and vocal delivery suits this beautiful piano piece. 'You weren't born to blend into backgrounds built by men' is my favorite line, very strong!

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This is absolutely gorgeous and so meaningful. As always the piano is beautiful and the lyrics are so poignant, heartfelt, and relevant. The vocal delivery soars with loving emotion. Brilliant collaboration!