Like Cutting Your Finger

Like Cutting Your Finger

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Liner Notes: 

i've been listening to Kari Jobe all morning while doing tedious busywork
My L index finger is jammed, not broken, but it's swollen and painful. I'm supposed to play bass tonight.
I have a coworker who has "Write a song" on his bucket list.

So I'm in a weird hurt, worshipping, bored, philosophical headspace, that's void of words except little labels like SW-10 and 192-14B.

Just think what I could have written if I'd been listening to Alice Cooper


Writing a song is like cutting your finger
Pressing it to paper to stop the bleeding
Realizing that the stain looks like an octopus
And the picture would look even cooler
If you had some reef, fading faintly in the distance

So you tug the cut back open,
Because you need to bleed a little more
And you force yourself to cry
To help the reef fade just right
and you yank out a little hair to make a brush
So you can paint in all the details

Some people stop with the one little painting
Stuck in a bottom drawer, or taped to the wall
Others are more accident prone
Or like cutting themselves
Deeper and deeper
Painting with scabby, scarred lives
Hoping to make something beautiful
Or say something important
Or just because it's a compulsion

And some well meaning person comes along
And says you're killing yourself
Just stop
You're killing yourself

And you realize you don't want to stop
Or you can't

Writing a song is easy
Writing a song is like cutting your finger
Pressing it to paper to stop the bleeding

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I love all of the analogies and metaphors in this! The images are quite vivid and fun - and definitely quirky!!

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This analogy is fricking perfect. I think about this a lot - sometimes I wish for more turmoil to give me songwriting material, or I dig through the pain of my past and try to put myself back in traumatic moments to have something real to write about. Songwriting's supposed to be therapeutic, but being that calculated about it sometimes feels cheap and mercenary... But then again, sometimes I get the best art that way. I love the way you write, too - the words you choose are so effective. Like, "tug the cut back open" - "tug" is such a horribly onomatopoeic word to use there, it's perfect in a skin-crawling sort of way...