Claudia's Drunk Bed

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Claudia's Drunk Bed



Liner Notes: 

@AndyGetch and I perform often at a local outdoor market. This week was his turn, and he let me borrow his really cool electric guitar to perform and record a couple of new songs. You can also faintly hear a fellow playing along on harmonica.
I had a very prolific week and a half of lyric writing when I was out of town without an instrument. This one is a title I've had in mind for a while - loosely based on past events. The fellow in the bed wasn't me, but a wayward friend.


Stumble up the porch steps and through the cabin door
Find a soft landing just before you hit the floor
Head meets a soft pillow and you're in a dreamless sleep
Morning comes you find out you've paid a price so steep

Why don't you lie back down
Oh lie back down in Claudia's drunk bed

If whiskey is the devil last night Satan was your friend
The Branch Hill crew all came down from up around the bend
Sat around the campfire til every song was sung
From mountain tales to Motown to good ol Neil Young

and then you fell into Claudia's drunk bed

All alone in a single bed and better off that way
She's got a man in Texas and he'll make it back some day
She’s such a dear friend still you wonder about what could have been
But that ship sailed long ago and it ain't coming back again

So you lie back down on Claudia's drunk bed

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I was just about to go to bed, but thought I'd have a quick listen to this first! Sounds great, lyrics are wonderful, lots of vivid imagery, and a song built around Claudia's drunk bed is great, because it's such perfect symbolism, for the story being told. Really good.

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This is great and I love hearing the liver performance! Wonderfully fun story! Rose drunk beds we all fell into at one time or another in our lives make for such great memories and longings! Well done! Love the music too!

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That brought back some memories of my younger days. Really good lyric and the tune fits just right.

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Nice, live performance Chip. It would be great to see a few live video performances during 50/90, but now I'm probably just getting greedy.

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Yeah, that title is great. I like last verse especially, it really fills out the emotion for me, makes it concrete. It's not that we've all been there, but it's an easy story to relate to nonetheless.