Walk’in, Talk’in forever [Edited in some chords... mp3 is a com'in...]

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Walk’in, Talk’in forever [Edited in some chords... mp3 is a com'in...]


Liner Notes: 

OK, this is the second lyric I just spoke of in the one just posted...

For me, as I put music to things/it, then the "rhyme" scheme seems to come alive with colloquialisms... ... otherwise, since a first draft, would need word smithing ... ...

So, derUgo, again... Fool

[Ah, revised this morning, had time, 26 Sept '17, picke Key D I IV V for that new harp project Smile ... we'll cccccc Smile ]


remove chords

D d A e, a
We’ve been walk’in, for - e - ver
D d A e
No peace for you, me..., and them
D d
We place emphasis on please
C g F f G g [A e]
And we get no clean clear place

A a [D f#]
Hand me my song..., hand me
G g
My guitar
D f#
Hand me my soul
A e, a D a [f#]
Let me sing for you..., please please
G g [d] A e
Then I’ll be far..., gone
D f#
Please please
G d A e
Then I’ll be far..., gone

D d A e, a
We’ve been talk’in numb, down, cir - cles
D d A e
No peace for you, me and them
D d
We place emphasis on the tease
C g F f G g g g
And we get no clean clear place for peace


D d Ae
Gold dust women..., Full crust moments
D d Ae
Men from Mars, women from pleases
C g F f A e
And yet, we get, no clear place, only more freakish

Then I’ll be far..., gone... ...

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Wow! I can almost hear this. Great rhythm. Perfect song for an acoustic guitar and singer.

You mention "word smithing". I am curious which pieces of lyric you plan to put in the furnace to refine. The meter seems solid. Are you looking for more rhymes, or just more precise language? I don't expect you to respond to me, particularly, but I have no idea what parts of this are irritating sand to you, waiting to be transformed into pearls.

"Women from pleases", instead of "Venus" definitely beckons back to your first verse, but I think that is the stanza that leaves me scratching my head the most.

I feel this is a song where the narrator feels more comfortable singing and playing the guitar than in actually speaking to the love interest. The narrator feels like his love interest is being polite instead of honest and straight forward and that is why he is leaving. However, the narrator is also speaking in circles, being vague and indirect. So, is the problem really with the love interest or the narrator himself?

Anyway, as you say ---> derUgo.

Wow, love your commentary, thank you.

For me, some songs are like the phrase, "... and then, 'yada, yada, yada', we came back."

So, hopefully, and not real sure I am successful here, pending on what one "comes to the song with" ..., they hear this as a "wrapper" for that (?). "We'll have fun, fun, fun, 'till daddy tales the T-bird away..." -- what's fun? Smile We all fill in the blanks and mind pictures there... yada yada yado and vwah lah... a song is competed by the listener... --hard to do. Yet, being so "literal" makes "it" very finite... --like "happy birthday"... only one good time to sing that song Smile

Anyway, I think with this one, --time will tell. And, in the different mind-sets I might follow-up read this it may or may not change. Actually, I think a quick first reaction from a few different folks could "tell" allot. We'll see what 5090 has to offer in that regard.

I get, and appreciate the love interest skew and was unsure if the "Women from pleases", etc., could have a good affect since then does get "specific", so to speak. I was still trying to be vague, nonetheless. I'm not sure about words, like "freakish"... since I mean it in a more "rude", or "manners" kind of way... it does have that meaning in bullet point if one looks it up. However, in todays 21st Cent. world... words can be very narrowly focused by any mass media audience. Well, it's certainly not intended as any extreme negative.

Smile so, derUgo Wink and... thank you again! It is much appreciated.