For, Give Me Now

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For, Give Me Now


Liner Notes: 

Well, as I do from time to time I put up lyrics I can't get to for music quickly, but were just now written. I don't want to forget them in the pile --which happens. This, and another coming next were written in moments and came from, --I don't know where. Two nights ago, when doing something else... these came to me.

They have a decent spoken word rhythm and etc.

And, at least one time a really great vocalist in past 5090 took'em and blew me away with how they heard them.

So anyway, and --oh, yes... at this point in 5090 only the truly serious folks remain... hardcore and etc., and their feedback is weighted in multiples. Actually this is the time in 5090 when some of the more serious work and feedback may occur, --it's not a "down" time at all for me.


My mind and heart kissed velcro tight
My eyes and hands sail scarecrow ships
While my heart and soul, now scarred with fright,
Like hedgerow chips, blows far, a seedlng row …

For, give me now..., I’m not me...
My mind, is in fight...has no need
My hearts taken unbound, and is in flight
I’m down on hard, scabbed knee

Tell me, what to do, you, please
Tell me, I’m not a fool
Tell me, tell me..., tell me do… // //

For, give me now…, I’m not alone
My mind is a funnel, stone
My times running a shrouded plow
No one sees the pieces within pounding, in and out

Tell me, Tell me..., Tell me do…
Tell me, what to do
Tell me now, this is not, sheol … // //

For, give me, I’m not your one
My kind, they say, is never that much fun
Killing time and me,
And killing two birds, one not free

Tell me, Tell me, Tell me … do…
Tell me, I’m not a fool
Tell me, I’m just your tool … // //

[ ~ note ~ somehow considering a fitting melodic shift here, but unsure how, and don’t feel is a separate song just a “second part” since did flow from this one as writing it…, but, it might be a separate song...]

So give me my timely, purely due
So give me my finally foolish brew
Forgive me I’m not my-self -ish in flight
My mind and heart kissed velcro tight
My eyes and hands sailing scarecrow ships
While my heart and soul, now scarred, hedgerow chips // //

There is a great storm, brewing ahead
So many have told, sung and said
I look to the left and I look to my right
And all I see is one bloody spank shed

Middle ground brew, once, once a strong crew
Famous for armies
Famous for rights
Yet the right strange fruit, to eat this night

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So many really powerful images in your lyrics:

Mind and heart kissed Velcro tight. Sailing scarecrow ships. I'm down on hard, scabbed knee. One bloody spank shed.

The symbolism and references in this are all over the place. There is so much to unpack!!!

Your slight changes at the end of the! We go from being asked for orders to realization of the narrator being in hell, to the person feeling completely used.

That wrapping all of the front half into the second half is a switch from begging for a gift to pleading for mercy. I noticed the commas! This song is very deep and I think it presents you with some interesting composition challenges.

Hey, thank you for the feedback.

You are a very intuitive person to discern that, --accurate in many ways that surprised me in two ways, one that it held your interest and that it had any affect such as it seemed.

Yes, the music... haven't even thought about it, may be challenging. Kinda why I dropped it here like this. And, since may be a bit more poetic than I usually do, may change with the music since for me, has to sync up.

This one changed, so to speak, in reading it hours later. I may have to let it sit a day or two and not read it, -- you know how it is. Today it struck me as, extremely sad... but not how it seemed when first came out. I don't mind a mind-wrenching song... just sort of surprised me a bit just now.

Again, thank you for the granular comment. It is very much appreciated.