Some Days It's Just No Fun to Get Out of Bed

Some Days It's Just No Fun to Get Out of Bed

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Liner Notes: 

This is taking an unexpected turn.


Death threats and forced confessions
Music in the background to drown the screams
"We have ways of making you talk" interrogations
Static playing on the monitor screens

Pull out the thumb screws
Which method will you use
Another hour of abuse

Some days it's just no fun to get out of bed
I want to pull the sheets over my head
Moaning and mumbling like I'm half undead
Some days it's just no fun to get out of bed

High heels and margaritas
Dancing in the plaza to conga drums
Greasy taco perfume of local señoritas
DJ stopping when the militia comes

Smear on your lipstick
Strap on your dancing shoes
Another night of abuse


Pull out the thumb screws
Strap on your dancing shoes
Another day of abuse


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Wow, this is super dark. The constellation, respectively the narrator, is not obvious to the reader. So I wondered what was actually happening there, though it is certainly horrible. Therefore it sure leaves its impression. Nice twist combining the two pre-chorusses at the end.

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Whew! Torturous nightmares!!!! Who wants to get out of bed after one of those experiences, even if it was only subconscious messages bouncing around in your head?

You forgot to mention the nightmarish experience where a newborn baby wails every two hours with a screech that is specially designed to irritate the exhausted parent most! I occasionally have that dream, years afterward, where a wailing baby isn't getting enough milk!!!

The abrupt departure from the verses into the chorus is ambiguous as to whether or not the event is a dream or reality. Perhaps you meant it that way. I definitely think that putting in a wailing newborn fits in with the idea of the father and mother's torture!!!!

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wild little all-over-the-place lyric there! nicely done!

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The juxtaposition of torture with a night out is so damn captivating and I don't even know why. I'm not sure what's going on in this lyric but it's absolutely wonderful. The images are so specific and 3-dimensional. Just excellent.