Wherever It Goes

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Wherever It Goes

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Liner Notes: 

Inspired by Glen Arbor lake sunsets this week...


the blues and greens, now pink and gold
a sparkling veil is laid across the bay
the moon is on the rise, the sun slips away
and night follows the day

wherever it goes, wherever it goes
wherever it goes, wherever it goes

a pair of swans, gone black in silhouette
will trust its mate for life
with no regret

wherever it goes
wherever it goes

we traveled north, for open sky
reflecting on the lake
while life flies by
a year has come and gone
another on the way
tomorrow, light will come
chasing the setting sun

wherever it goes
wherever it goes
...wherever it goes

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AndyGetch's picture

I just laid back and closed my eyes and let the soothing vocals and beautiful guitar just wash over me. The lyrics tell a wonderful tale of the annual cycle. Just wow Smile

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Pretty song, and very engaging imagery and sweet harmonies. Sounds like a place I'd like to be. I like the chorus, not solving any riddles.

Rob From Amersfoort's picture

Beautiful song, especially the chorus! It works well with only the guitar, but I think it will also work well if other instruments are added, it's a strong melody/lyric!

Kristi's picture

What a lovely song. So soothing and descriptive. "Wherever it goes" is a great hook...so reflective and wondrous. Good playing and vocals. Pretty harmonies!

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Dreamy, very dreamy. I can see you just chillin by the lake playing this. Smile
That minor chord going into the chorus is delightful, as are the vocals. That harmony gave me chills!
Good stuff!