Selfie (skirmish)

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Selfie (skirmish)




Liner Notes: 

the prompt was 'selfie' and this was written and recorded in about 45 minutes...


There I was staring at the mirror but the man staring back was not me
Figured that to figure out what was going on I would take a little selfie
I took a little selfie with the iPhone camera but the photo was a big black square
Seems when I pointed that camera at me that camera thought nothing was there

Called tech support and India said this is not good at all
Your physical form vanished in the storm and we will have to reinstall
Do you have the original code that came on your body and soul
I said I must have misplaced it, he said you’ll just have to pay a toll

Turns out that toll is a thing called age I’m not as young as I used to be
Cause every now and then I will look in the mirror and I’ll say that guy’s not me
Selfie- not me

© M. Skliar 2017

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johnstaples's picture

Well, you hooked me immediately with that sweet guitar playing! Love this story how the person's selfies were blank and he needed a reset! Damn, I need a reset too! Who do I call? You did a great job on this skirmish with such a slick, clever and finished sounding new song! Nice!!

AndyGetch's picture

Yeehaw! Fun twist on the prompt. Guitar rhythm and story all have attention grabbing movement, nice one.

edsmaron's picture

That's quite excellent guitar playing. Those are tight lyrics, too, for a skirmish. Great!

kahlo2013's picture

This is clever, quirky and fun! Great uptempo delivery, fantastic guitar, and creative unique hook and perspective! Love it!

Great story and great ideas - love not being captured in the photo, and selfies taking years off your life! Nice playing too, very cool!

OdilonGreen's picture

Tremendously fun journey into the realm of metaphysics and identity, couched in an oh-so-tuneful and delightful guitar melody, with your bemused vocals the perfect finisher. A perfect blend of the silly and the meaningful!