She's Never Coming Back

She's Never Coming Back

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Liner Notes: 

I'm listening to an older SongFight song. "Praying Mantis" about being in love with a cannibal girl.
The problem with writing direct to the form is if you leave, everything disappears.
Kingwood Kowboy had a song about a cheating woman, guy going to the bar, and listening to the jukebox. I started a song earlier - just the notes. A 2017 update. I guess I'll try to write that.


She left me for some writer guy from Nashville
Blue Mercedes convertible and gold records on his wall
I'm sitting in our bedroom here in Nowheresville
Sifting through the wreckage of it all

I guess the old cliche would be to head down to the local bar
Drown my sorrows in a bottle of Jack
Play our song on the jukebox until the vinyl's scratched and worn
Even tho she's never coming back

She's never coming back
I down a bottled water
Find Norwegian Wood on iTunes
Set it to repeat
Open wide the propane tank
Prepare to light the match
She can leave any time she likes
But she's never coming back

I've been told don't ever burn your bridges
But sometime you're carrying a ton of broken crap
Standing in the doorway of what used to be our home
And I know she's never coming back


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Oh my. That's an extreme solution. Funny in a dark way!