Broken Window

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Broken Window




Liner Notes: 

Good thing I have two guitars!!!

So, my favorite guitar needs new strings, (I wonder why? Smile ) so I pulled out my back-up. This is a response to a Labor Day weekend skirmish.

The theme is "Window"

Bonuses for using these extra words: screen, open, shut, broken


They say your eyes are the window to your soul.
Your window to the world is books.
But, what is the window to your heart?
What is written in its crannies and nooks?

1. I want to open your window and climb right in
'Cause you busted my doors wide open.
I thought I'd locked them tight with a good dead bolt,
But our electricity gave them a jolt.

2. If you shut your eyes, is your soul still there?
By closing a book, can you block an intruder?
If your heart is broken, is it a window or a screen?
What does any of this metaphor mean?

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Good for you! I only have one guitar and have no idea how to re-string it. I should probably find a YouTube video and learn. Anyway, you did a wonderful job on this skirmish. Really smart lyrics and strong musical structure. Cool verse with all the questions, too.

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Very lovely song. Heartfelt lyrics and performance.

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Wow! I really love this song, Colleen! The images are so strong and relatable! I love the metaphors and your question of them! Your music is always so gorgeous too! I am a huge fan! Great take on the skirmish and brilliant use of all the bonus point words!!! You are one of a handful of top prize winners this round!

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I like the chorus, taking two separate similes and combining them into a greater thought. And I like the melody as well. This is a very successful skirmish song.

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"Your window to the world is books" - perfect line! Your voice is moving and powerful as always. Beautiful skirmish!

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Really delicate and pretty, and I love "your window to the world is books," which I identify with. Melancholy and thoughtful.