On the Road to Morgantown

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On the Road to Morgantown



Liner Notes: 

Another lyrics-first song written in yoga ashram isolation in the mountains, music added when I got home.
I was born in Morgantown, West Virginia, 51 years ago. I've never been back since my mom and dad moved when I was a baby. One of these days maybe I'll return.


On the road to Morgantown back to my mountain roots
One step at a time breaking in some new black boots
Met up with some minstrels playing mandolins and flutes

On the road to Morgantown no one with which to speak
Late one afternoon pitched my tent by a muddy creek
Met some silent Buddhists and I stayed there for a week

On the road to Morgantown my watch ran out of ticks
Found myself a divining rod and practiced magic tricks
Such a long long way from college and my life of politics

On the road to Morgantown made my own ways and means
At a roadside stand I bought some collard greens
at a general store I stocked up on cans of beans

On the road to Morgantown I met a girl so fair
Took me to her cottage led me to an easy chair
Almost fell in love but I soon grew restless there

On the road to Morgantown however long it takes
Heard hooting owls and howling wolves and even hissing snakes
I can almost smell and even taste the pies that Grandma bakes

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Love it - very singable and memorable. And the descriptive lyric is very nice too.

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Sounds really good, lots of vivid imagery. It feels like a very modern folk song, sort of post dylan, which works really well, it's just strange, as it has the symbolism of an old folk song, but the narrator is from another world, and visiting morgantown from a more cosmopolitan liberal world, which is the reality of modern america of course. It works well.

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Wonderful nostalgic story evolution that takes me with you on your journey -love the images and am now longing for some collard greens! The wonderful groove of the guitar with the great organ is a perfect pairing for this tune and as always your vocal delivery of the melody is wonderful! Love this song!

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Vivid storytelling and some interesting phrasing there, I particularly liked "my watch ran out of ticks". The organ adds a lovely texture.

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Very catchy, Great appealing storytelling. Nice flow and very soft delivered.