Drifted (skirmish)

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Drifted (skirmish)




Liner Notes: 

I saw the skirmish title prompt 'drift' and started strumming an e minor (d minor capo'd up two frets, if ya want to be technical, thought up a more serious idea, then after a verse kind of went to something both more comic and more close to the personal bone, so to speak....



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Fester - ancestor- Brilliant! Nice strumming. You've got a lot of lyrical good ideas - Would be worth honing and settling on a direction for the song.

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I really love your second verse.......your rhymes and the multiple meanings layered in your pick of words is spectacular.

And using "drift" to pull in alcoholism....wow, you are an original, Mike. Very few songwriters would have drifted to that in a quick skirmish.

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This is really a wonderful skirmish! I love the chords and the tone the set and you hooked me right in with your first line! Really strong writing and structure with a compelling story and message! Awesome job!!! Love how your mind works - so creative and insightful!!!

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I like the dark feel and the guitar sounds good with the capo. And your melody suits it well. I also noticed some of the creative and well sung rhymes.

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Really nicely done and very original take on the skirmish! And I can relate to the battle to stay off this kind of sauce. Biggrin