I didn't drift

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I didn't drift




Liner Notes: 

In which I explore different contexts of the word "drift".

Forgive the flaws. I didn't realize that I really need to change my guitar strings when I started recording and I only had an hour to write and perform this....


1. You say I drifted away, like I floated off in a cloud;
Like I didn't try to stay -- just following a rebel crowd.


I didn't drift. I didn't soar. I plummeted and crashed down.
I didn't drift. I didn't float. I fell deep in. I might drown.
I thought you were my parachute.
I thought you were my life preserver.
Now I finally know the truth:
You only wanted me to serve
You don't deserve me.

2. You say I drifted away. I was in the boat and fell down.
You know I don't swim okay. Why'd you turn your back around?


3. You say I drifted away. That's because you didn't listen.
All those times I tried to say----You'd translate to your own vision.


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I like how the melody soars over the chorus. I like the contrast from verse to chorus in melody and performance. It gave this song a dynamic that I like.

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Oh what an incredible chorus! It does soar and the entire song is quite remarkable!

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Really beautiful and full of emotion ... love the way you sing "parachute." Lyrics really, really well done!

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Wonderful skirmishing work! Very pretty melody and strong lyrics.

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powerful and nicely done! interesting structure with that long chorus... might be even more effective if you only did the first half of the chorus the first time and then do the full chorus the second time (where the end might be more of a bridge perhaps). just a thought. nice work!

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Interesting thought, Mike. I might play around with that in the future. As you know, I was moving pretty quickly through this....

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Super job on the skirmish. The words and melody in the chorus, wow!

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Beautiful all around -- lyrics, music, vocals. Awesome, Colleen!

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Great lyrics, great melody, terrific vocals. That is an awesome chorus! This is wonderful, and amazing for a skirmish song.

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Such a difference perspective between the narrator and the other- yes drifting away as some may assume is such a passive kind of mindless transition whereas the real experience of moving from something is very different. You convey that so strongly and vividly. Gorgeous!

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catchy song filled with melody. theme is also well executed. very engaging listen. reminded me of a hipper gordon lightfoot.