Smoke In The City Air

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Smoke In The City Air




Liner Notes: 

Superskirmish prompt 'Smoke' combined with Fearless Songwriter Week Day 6 prompt "The City Air'. Secondary structural Fearless prompt was to use two chords and maybe even a diminished chord. So I used the seventh and diminished with the same B root which makes this pretty chromatic. The resonator arpeggio makes it sound a little bluesish. Sometimes stuff happens. Drawn from memories of riding through Pittsburgh and Cincinnati in the late 1960's and early 1970's. Yes it really was that bad.


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Smoke In The City Air
- x212o2; - xx3oo1;

Repeating __ [Bdim}vamp

Smoke in the city air
Billowing cloudy haze
Digs in my nostrils flare
Steel mill on the rivers glaze

Barely see the Allegheny
Or the incline on the other side
2 pm I can barely breathe
Feeling the clamp being applied

Station wagon the windows are closed
Won’t keep out the acrid burn
Digs deeper into my nose
Waiting for the signal to turn

C’mon now its the 1960’s
3rd grade feel like I’m gonna die
Wheres the tissues ma, I’ve gotta sneeze
My esophagus you can kiss it goodbye

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Love that chord progression - it has a such mysterious, melancholy vibe. And you've so clearly captured a moment in time with the lyrics. Great skirmishing!

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Nice one, Andy. I had similar feeling, as a kid when we would have to go to NYC every summer to visit relatives... and I couldn't stand the smell, even with the windows rolled up.

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Wow, that is some lovely guitar playing! Pretty chord progression too! And I can relate as I was a kid in the 60s in Akron, Ohio where we lived in the shadow of the Goodyear plant and every day our porch was covered in their soot! Nice take on the skirmish!

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Clever lyrics that capture a slice in time so vividly and clearly. The two chords create kind of a stuck in time time warp feel perfect for the song.

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Great storytelling and your guitar playing is excellent. Nice skirmish work!

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I'm diggin' the overall feel of this piece. Nicely done!