My Best Stories Are My Failures

My Best Stories Are My Failures

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Liner Notes: 

Talking to guys at work, I discovered that the stories I tell most often are of things I failed at.
I was reading part of a Barbara Oakley book on Machiavellian behavior this morning
I took an online test for fun - scored 68/100. 65 seemed to be the mean of the bell curve, which is skewed a little high. So either non-Machiavellian people don't take that online quiz as often, or the questions are skewed [some are],
"parkour" video from 2008

This feels narcissistic. Oh well. It's also very rough, in need of a total rewrite. Which it probably won't get.


I suck so bad at self promotion
Three of my friends listen to my music [Tim and Lawrence. I guess it's 2]
I have the longest running continuous losing streak
[I think] at [21 songs in a row!]

My claim to fame at parkour is
I translated part of a book from French to English [Thanks, Google]
I did a parkour video as a hula girl, and in snorkel gear
I wiped out on a bike and got 32 staples in my leg. [Maybe more]

My best stories are my failures
I could tell you tales for hours
without exaggerating much
My best stories are my failures
I only wish I had learned
Whatever it was that I was
Supposed to have learned
But I don't think I learned it
Oh well
My best stories are my failures

I hiked in the desert, drank some foul water and got parasites
I drove to visit my friend in Iowa, and wound up in Arkansas
I've used "I'm sorry, I'm just painfully shy" as a pickup line
If you want a complete list of my other faults, just ask my wife


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As such things go, I suppose a song of this theme can't help but be a little self-centred? And I had fun reading it, so it's not bad at all Smile