Natural Man

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Natural Man



Liner Notes: 


- Note: few revisions occurred that won't align with Demo track, oh well Smile

I was leafing through a very very old book of, very old spirituals, and truly wretched book pubished during a time of "analysis" that is beyond explanation. Nonetheless, it contained a record of old spirituals. And "God don't talk like a natural man..." or similar words popped out and stayed on a sticky note on my PC for a week or two. Twoday Smile I got this and from wear, I dunno Smile

It is a one-take wonder and recorded as was righting it Wink

I'm still in the "happy mistake" mode and think I hear one in this. Also, not sure a word or two, as placeholder won't change, or be added.

So, derUgo!


F a Am a
God don't talk like a, natural man
C g G g sus d
He talk so sinners, can't understand (Both 2x' thru)
Ao a Bo b Am a# o sus Ao a Bo b Am o a# sus
Don't you see... ... , you can't demand (2x)

F Am
God don't talk like a, natural man
C G sus
It tortures the stupid, so He speaks through mules (Both 2x' thru)
Ao Bo Am o sus Ao Bo Am o sus
Don't you see, you ... ..., understand man (2x)

F Am
God don't talk like a natural man
C G sus
He allows frienemies, to map where you stand (Both 2x' thru)
Ao Bo Am o sus Ao Bo Am o sus
Don't you see..., then He puts 'em on the street (2x)

F Am
God don't talk like a natural man
C G sus
He's the only true friend, I see I can (Both 2x' thru)
Ao Bo Am o sus Ao Bo Am o sus
Don't you see ... ... , see what I say (2x)

F Am
Well know..., what you can
And I've always known my own natural man (Both 2x' thru)

Ao Bo Am o sus Ao Bo Amo sus
'Cause I know..., my right life
Ao Bo Am o sus / / / [ G g D g f# e 2x]
-place for tea [ I'm a true, true fan ]
F Am G G G F D
Save me from these natural, nowhere, life-spam-cans

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I love the sound if that guitar. What is it? It's almost a thin sound, but has just enough umph in it to give it some nice fullness. "God don't talk like a, natural man" Boy that's the truth. I really like the "Don't you see" refrain. The way it follows the chords really brings it out.

Oh, hey, -- thanks for that. I really appreciate that. I was very unsure about the whole thing... but "felt" there was "something" there.

It's a 12 String Acoustic.

I've had electrics (high vol, bad FOH), but never Acoustic.

-- And, you've got a keen ear... the strings are a very weird mix of lightness (to heavy on lo-side) for this kind of guitar, like on the G-unwound I put a 10 guage. with the B, I put on the light drone side I think it was a 9 guage (usually E, B are identical and like 12's, 17's maybe) -- shuda wrote it down Smile

It was a new guitar and the drone G broke (new guitar old storage strings how it goes)... The 12's on the E were just to much tension. The B too. And G for that matter. So, then too, I filed the Nut Slots alot... OMG, I went down like 3mm+ from where they left'em. And, the rest neck adjustment, etc.

Now it's got the action of an electric. (It's mic'd through a MXL 990 and likely gets picked up by the 770 on vocal too. I just love a mic'd acoustic!)

Thank you again!

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Interesting discussion about the "thin" character of the strings--actually it carves out that middle EQ for your (truly great) vocal in this. I'd keep doing it that way! Very, very nice song.