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Liner Notes: 

This is an anti to "Post-Digital Hate Song" by @izaak. He had a long title. Mine is short. He used a lot of chippy bleeps and bloops. I am trying to record acappella (but it's not going very fast). He used a very wordy song as part of his song, and has a lot of verses. I'm going short.

My lyrics are an abbreviated flip of his verse 1.

Seems too short, so I'll probably repeat some of it. I wish I had Autotune or a vocoder.


Crawl in
Slowly now
Working like machinery

Alone together
Genetic purity
Like I've never seen you before

Oh, take my sensuality
Into dark tunnels
Society is built on

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I like this lyric a lot and now I'm wondering if I have to head down the rabbit hole of the Anti-Syn to see how it got here!

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Wow, this lyric is intense! I can't wait to hear the acapella version, are you going for lots of different vocals or just one? Layered harmonies could work so beautifully with the sentiment here to really draw in the listener and make it feel all womb-y... Or one vocal could be really intimate and stand on its own... Basically it's a lovely lyric and I'm sure it'll be awesome whatever you do with it! Smile