Dirt, Stones, and Gold

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Dirt, Stones, and Gold



Liner Notes: 

Another set of lyrics from my 10-day yoga retreat/training in the Poconos, set to music when I returned to southwest Florida.

"That one, absorbed in yoga, is said to be a yogi for whom earth, stones, and gold are the same." - Bhagavad Gita


Give me a pile of dirt I'll be a happy man
Plant me a garden grow what I can
Pile of dirt in my back yard
I'll dig in and work real hard

If a pile of stones is what I got
I'll make a path where one is not
A path that winds up the hill
Pile of stones be what it will

Pile of gold - wouldn't turn it down
I'd take my fill pass the rest around
Just enough and I'd be fine
I wouldn't want the keys to the mine

I'll take my dirt - turns to mud in the rain
I'll take my stones and I won't complain
And if gold should never come my way
I'm already fine already ok

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Very affective lyrics.

Poconos were wonderful last week, fortunate weather for you!

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I was briefly taken aback by how, phonetically, "pile of dirt" sounds a lot like "I love dirt". Made more sense when I checked the lyrics Smile
Really enjoyed this - the chord sequence rolls around nicely, and the lyrics are thought provoking and poetic.

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I really love this song!! Such lovely lyrics that convey the wonder and beauty of the simple joys of life. Wonderful humility and insight. And awesome music! Love the harmonica!!

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Oh I also love this song. Great great written and very nicely performed.

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I love how the verses are so beautifully linked together, and dirt, stones, and gold in sequence increase in value, in terms of what you would pay for them, but on the other hand what you can do with them, as described in the song, gives the dirt greatest value. That's really lovely. Very folk like song. Sounds good, and that harmonica is lovely.