Just Like Walter Mitty

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Just Like Walter Mitty




Liner Notes: 

Day 4 prompt for The Fearless Songwriter Week group 'What I Wish I'd Said'. Title based on my variation of the 'Secret Life of Walter Mitty'. A short story by James Thurber. Scribbled a few lyric ideas at lunch, slight rearrangement. Secondary prompt to hang on the second chord. A few minutes between work and yoga class so in the key of A I literally made that the 2 chord except I used a B7 with a sus 2 replacing the minor in the chord and threw a few other chords at it. FAWM on.


remove chords
Just Like Walter Mitty
Guitar chords: - xo222o; - x24222; C - x32o1o; - xo1ooo; - xx232o; - x24432; - xxo454;

Verse 1
Brain spending idle time imagining conversations
With people I haven’t met
Alternating with a revision the past intersection with
What I wish I’d said

Pre-chorus 1
Ah but I’ve got expectations
Limited only by imagination
Of talking and not of listening

Drift off just like Walter Mitty
Where darkness is less frightening
Traffic more inviting
Wrapped up and more exciting
Than the daily formalities
Correct politicially

Verse 2
For social wounds are a soaked bandage
While I spend my time wishing
Real communication with inflection and body language
I don’t know what I’m missing

Pre-chorus 2
Where white noise always has something nice to say
Happy time is a mattress here to stay
Everyday afternoons wonderful in every way

Sleep deprived dark nights full of regret
Future worries expectations for what hasn’t happened yet
Running down the list of what I wish I’d said
Just like Walter Mitty
Real life conversation leaves me unsatisfied
Mixed messages and social needs ungratified

Repeat Chorus

Drift off just like Walter Mitty

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Really good guitar! Love the lyrics and the flow too!

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i like the way you put the chords in the
with the lyrics !
its easy for someone to cover Wink