Where's My Cake?

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Where's My Cake?


Liner Notes: 

Demo to follow.

I feel like this needs more of a punch-line ending but too bad, FAWM it (or whatever the 50/90 equivalent is) and move on...



Does it count if I jog up the stairs?
Does it count if I wiggle my legs?
Does it count if I stay standing while I watch TV?
Does it count if I make my own soup?
Does it count, only one Hula Hoop?
Does it count if I breathe deeply near the bakery?

I don't remember a time when I didn't feel I was too much
No-one will want to touch you, looking like you do

Will it help if I cover my waist?
Will it help if I colour my face?
Will it help if I am only seen and never heard?
Will it help if I switch into flats?
Will it help? (How many cats is too many cats?)
Will it help if, though I'm thirty, I still call myself a girl?

I don't remember a time when I didn't feel I was too loud
I was too fat, too dowdy, too much like myself

And who else is there?
What other option does any of us have?
And how is this fair?
She's eating pizza and she still has abs!

Where's my cake? Both to have, and to eat
Where's my pay? Price my time equally
Where's my right to go to meetings without sky-high heels?
Where's my punch? Don't rename it a slap
Where's my carbs? Uninvent the thigh gap
Where's my right to look like utter shit and still have sex appeal?

I don't remember a time when I didn't feel scared of the dark
Don't walk across that park, you're asking for it...

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No doubt many of us can relate to this gem! I know I sure can. Great song!

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Oh, woman....you're tackling so many parts of what it is to be female. Years ago, I remember a single woman at church confiding to me how frustrating it was to go to church and discover that all the men she was attracted to were married. She compared it to being a diabetic in a candy store.

That expectation to get married by your mid-thirties is so high, too. You capture both sides of rape culture: be attractive, but not too attractive or you'll be raped! I feel like that is the meat of your message here.