My Darkest Teacher Is My Fear

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My Darkest Teacher Is My Fear



Liner Notes: 

Fearless Songwriter Week Day 3 prompt 'Who (or what) is your darkest teacher?' Initial chord progression idea at lunch just wasn't clicking although I did write down a list of dark aka non-helpful fear-inflicting teachers. Came home from work, went to art class, taking a shower I thought of this electric thing with the list as an anti-list setting up the chorus leading to fear, which of course it does. The musical idea in my head is too loud for late night recording, has a lot more tracks, and my voice is not up for it. For now this arrangement will do.


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My Darkest Teacher Is My Fear
Guitar chords: A - xo222o; G - 32ooo3; Gm - 355333; F#m - 244222; Em - o22ooo; C#dim - xx565x; B7 -x212o2; C7 - x323x3; C#7 - x434x4;

My darkest teacher was not the local bully
Who said “give me that or I’ll punch you”
Or the man with the bible and collar
Who said “bend over and feel what this paddle can do”

My darkest teacher was not the architorture professor
Who said “you’re all thumbs and you’ll struggle”
Or the interloper substitute confessor
Who said “you’ll have to pay to get a snuggle”

My darkest teacher is my fear
Builds up inside and hits me right here
Turns the tide on (every) positive vibes
To look for escape and to hide

My darkest teacher was not the kingdom hall overseer
Who said “straighten up or you’ll die in 1975”
Or the new world armageddon peddler
Who said “you not the kind for our society”

Repeat chorus

My darkest teacher is a composite character
Of every failure and every mistake
echoing when I’m unsure or half awake

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Like you're giving new insights as for what fear is like. Poured in a song with a very cool appeal instrumentally. I like how you take out the drums at the end to accentuate the lyrics. Very good job!

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scary little mouse hole of a sound with the singer nearly squelched by his memories. the experimental arrangement and recording realy accentuates the lyrical content.

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This is cool, how you structure the song so that the verses describe all these bad guys who are _not_ the darkest teacher, and the chorus explains how the darkest teacher is the fear, internal... I love the jangly disorienting guitar part--- perfect to paint this feeling.