Jade the Hamster

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Jade the Hamster



Liner Notes: 

My daughter and I collaborated on this silly song for our youngest pet today. It's about Jade, our hamster.


Jade, Jade, Jade the Hamster.

You like to climb and wiggle.

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My face is sore from grinning from ear to ear throughout this delightful little song! And now I have this earworm "Jade, Jade, Jade, Jade the Hamster." that will not stop (but that is OK with me!) Both of you should be proud of this fun little tune! You have already tickled one listener and certainly more will be duly amused in the days to come! And yes, as I am finishing this brief comment, inside my head I am still singing "Jade, Jade, Jade, Jade the Hamster."! Great work!

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My face hurts too-from smiling! How cute and fun! I am going to have this one stuck in head for sure!

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it must be fun running around your house in the morning singing catchy tunes like this and stretching out the words like a smile.

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Love this ... really catchy! I love the verbalization of "climb" ... and listened to the song twice!

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Adorable! I need to do a kid's song, dang it. Everyone here is doing interesting and inspiring stuff. This is great!

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Your daughter has excellent musical sense to be comfortable improvising like that. This is so much fun and so silly. I really needed silly today. Thank you!

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Haha, that must be a pretty special hamster to deserve a quality theme tune like this. Bet you're glad it's called Jade, and not something like Arabella The Countess Of Hamsterdom - it'd be much harder to fit that into a lyric Wink