Genesis 0.1:1-5

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Genesis 0.1:1-5




Liner Notes: 

Colgoo had this fantastic lyric and i took on the challenge of setting it to music. I dont think I did it justice, but believe it is a worthy try, and a fairly decent listen. Will be interested to hear what others think of it.


1. In the Beginning, there was only darkness:
A black hole in the not-yet-Universe.
Atoms and energy -- heat and fission
But no musical composition.
No names, no smells, sights or sounds.
No thing could be recorded down.
But, whatever Creator created Earth
Conceived of music and gave it birth.
2. Was it a big sound? A pop or bang?
A great explosion, that rang and rang?
Or a light gurgling of water molecule formation?
What was the first musical creation?
A near-silent shuffle of dust settling in a crack?
A single note humming, echoing back?
What was the first note that started all this?
Was it a romantic, sensual kiss?
3. In the beginning, a sound was made:
A thought, an intelligence displayed.
It became a lyric to an eternal song
And harmonies formed to help it along.
Till darkness and light came out to dance
As planets, moons, stars woke up from a trance.
And one of those planets, by luck or by fate,
Composed a symphony we can't replicate.
4. It started out small, and built a crescendo,
With staccato moments and diminuendo
Till a fistful of dandelions blew through the dust,
Water bubbled and grew them, bees started to buzz.
Dinosaurs grew to tremendous size
As the world's conductor led an endless reprise:
Notes of jazz and classical mixed in the 'hood.
Hip-hop and salsa: it was all good!!!
5. This symphony started millennia ago
But it keeps on creating an endless flow.
As miraculous as that original song
Is the story you tell, whether short or long.
You have a voice that's uniquely yours,
Like the purr of a kitten or lioness roars.
In a new baby's wail or a gasp from death's knife:
Creation is music and music is life.

Creation is music and music is life.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I think it is very effective this way! Such great lyrics and brought to life so well. Nice collab!

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Nice collaboration, guys! Of course, great job on the lyrics--and nice interpretation, Bill. Enjoyed this a lot!

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I love the transition and evolution (hehe) of the music with the lyrics. And I love the musical motif throughout the creation story. Really beautiful job from both of you!

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Nicecollab guys.Interesting take on the lyrics creates a great song.