History gets repeated

History gets repeated

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Liner Notes: 

it's not really strictly 'jazz' but I guess with all those major 7th chords it is 'jazzy' or 'jazz-adjacent'!

kind of a vague observation about life, filtered thru watching some of that horrible flooding/storms in Houston Tx lately.

quick recording with iphone, just guitar and vocal live...

UPDATE- did a full new recording- rhythm guitar, vocal, lead guitar, bass, shaker, and two tracks of background vocals...(and then a remix on that)


The climate gets slowly warmer
The storms get slowly stormier
Strangeness gets normalized
We get desensitized
The politics gets heated
History gets repeated

The pace of things gets quicker
The advertising slicker
The voices get louder
Factories make gunpowder
The have-nots don’t get seated
History gets repeated

It’s the age old story
The promise of fame and glory
The lies we want to believe
The ways we are naïve
Some of us get cheated
History gets repeated

(c) M. Skliar 2017

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Oh yeah does history get repeated! I like the jazzy feel to this. Good song!

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Wow, what a vibe... I love the feel of this.. I can't get started this year but this has put me on a huge high.. Beautiful man, thank you so much. Lovely guitar sound too.

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i like the contrast between the complacently upbeat music and the downbeat lyrics.

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The song flows very well! I sure hope history does not repeat itself, people read books, don't they?