Post Digital Hate Song

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Post Digital Hate Song




Liner Notes: 


Well that was sort of sideways but I had a really fun time making it.

This is part of the #Auntie-Sin chain, a synthesis of
@iveg 's - *23495 and @simpleiscomplex 's *24500

I got the beep-boop-bips from @simpleiscomplex 's beep-box link, and the chord progression from @iveg 's liner notes, and the rest is history. I ought to credit them both as collaborators because this synthesis really did steal everything from one or the other of them. I'm curious where this all started from, and now finally I get to go back and listen.

Good times!


Digital Hate
Digital Hate
We climb out of devastation
Living in the past
Vine covered factories
Happy friends all around
We survive in the wasteland
Thrive on our mutations
I know, ‘cause I have seen it after all
I give you Digital Hate
In the ruins of crumbled towers
Yeah society will fall for Digital Hate

We lost faith in civilization
We all let somebody down
Used to believe
In my ‘Beep boop beep bip beep bip bop’
Hand in hand we stand forever
We take the time to band together
Everyone every girl
I thought would be bringing me
Digital Hate
Digital Hate
Digital Hate
Digital Hate

The poisoned planet choked
Cities full of smoke
Windows of skyscrapers
Went dark and broke
Rivers running free
Plants and greenery
Ignored the cries of extinction
And we replaced this humanity
With Digital Hate
Digital Hate
Digital Hate
Digital Hate
Digital Hate

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Only you could do a synthesis this rich and full of texture. It's amazing, really. You kept the two very, very different rhythms and the melodies of both songs. You kept most of the lyrics and you managed to make a new song. I pity whoever must try to synthesize your song to its antithesis. Bravo!

Aha your offering for the anti sin! Well done. I like how this entire chain has somehow managed to keep it's thread of 'wtf is happening to humanity' in some vein or other. Well done Izaak!

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Absolutely love this combination of chiptune and acoustic vibes! I'm starting here on this chain so I guess I need to go backwards and see where you've borrowed from, but with complete ignorance of the ingredients this just sounds like a really cool song with a couple of unexpected ingredients!

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I enjoyed this! It was easy to hear the influences in the lyrics. Love the chiptune stuff. I think I'm going to try to anti this for fun.

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just wow izaak. that listen was my top 5090 goosebump moment of the year. I have listened to simpleiscomplex's one but not had chance to comment yet, how you used those two songs quite literally, is amazing. (i wonder if i play it in a way that changes too much, even though i do try to stick to the elements and gist of the songs i am synthesising, i suppose that is part of the game how we all approach it differently within playing the game) anyway i loved loved loved your synthesis , esp after reading your comment on mine... yep it is a good game Smile I also absolutely loved this line : Now all I can believe in is my
(Beep boop beep bip beep bip bop)

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Great tune! Kinda reminds me of the Adventure Time soundtrack musically, and I love the vivid imagery you're using lyrically.