Deep Clean

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Deep Clean



Liner Notes: 

Back from my 10-day yoga training - I did'n have access to an instrument, but I wrote 5 sets of lyrics and over the next few days I'm going to go about setting them to music.
I don't mind at all getting down and dirty when I clean, physically and mentally.


I swept the floor now here comes the mop
once I get started I can't stop
it's the deep clean, time for the deep clean
first you gotta get dirty, dig what I mean

Gonna scrub the pots and then the pans
Fill up all the garbage cans
it's the deep clean, time is right for the deep clean
all or nothing, no in between

Don't do it as often as I should
but when it happens, oh it happens good
closets, shelves, attic too
I know where to go and what to do

On a ladder, on my knees
I dust then sneeze
then dust some more then sneeze some more
it's the deep clean, way past time for the deep clean
join right in, we'll make this place so keen
I'll be king, be my deep clean queen

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Thanks a lot Chip!! I'm sitting here listening to this, as is my wife, and she gets the crazy idea that we clean up the house!
I thought this was a "harmless" cute song, but if it creates more housework for 'yours truly'... well, I might just have to write a bad review!! LOL

How we get stuff done, we anticipate a long term house guest... or even recently Smile hahhh, we listed the house for sale LOL! Oh my did we get motivated, painting, screw gun a-going, yard work... (we put a high price so as not to be bothered by folks wanting a look!)

Even painted the kitchen!

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very nice performed .I think it somehow create a mindfull feeling of cleaning. Its just a bout being in the moment and you perform that well.